What is Sensing Asia?


Sensing Asia exists to boost business and partnership across the borders, to democratize consulting service so that more customer can afford.

Key Points of Our Service

Hybrid of consulting and M&A advisory services

Our staff members have solid experiences at consulting and/or M&A advisory firms in providing support for new overseas business development and designing business models. In particular our strength lies in conducting researches on niche markets and distribution channels, identifying market opportunities and finding potential local partners.

Efficient and cost-effective support by combining online and offline services

We efficiently support our customers by providing our services online to ensure accessibility, reasonable cost and speedy assistance as well as offline to ensure finely-tuned face-to-face assistance.

Hands-on approach in providing support services

Our services do not end at the strategic consulting but also cover local partnership negotiations and various contract arrangements. We support the whole process of new business development from an early investigation to an action phase.


Lean start up or testing Plan B, Plan C.., than taking time to outsource strategic planning to consulting firm will increase more in the future in respond to first paced changes in the market. As a consultant, I embrace these changes because too much rely on consulting firm will result in depriving company's capability of 'autonomous growth'.
Rather, I believe I can offer different way to assist customer's business expansion in Asia while keeping accessibility, affordability to our service so that every middle to small entities can utilize. That is; unbundling consulting-offerings, providing unknown market information/ advice for your agile business practice.

Partner Companies
GCA Savvian Corporation
TNC Life Style Researcher
Big Blue Banyan