Advisory Services

Featured Service

We provide a face to face advisory service in case you need support for entire process on business expansion into the Asian market, or to take concrete actions through M&A.

  • Face-to-face attentive services.
  • Advisory services based on abundant experience.
  • Being able to fully support M&A process from M&A strategy planning to Post merger integration.
  • Organizing and controlling professionals (local lawyers, accountants, tax accountants).

Target Areas and Industry Range

Covered Asian region of more than 13 countries (We can support other regions as well).


Support on overseas strategy

  • Selecting countries, developing appropriate products/ services
  • Creating business model
  • Finding local business partners
  • Developing income and expenditure budget

Advisory to business process

  • Hands on support from F/S to negotiation with local partners, recruiting.
  • Organizing legal advisor, accountant and other necessary entities.

M&A strategy support

  • Considering and organizing strategic options
  • Implementing financial simulation
  • Sourcing for potential sellers or business partners
  • Initial consideration for business synergy
  • Considering a way to approach to counter parties (target company/ shareholders)
  • Examining structuring and financing

Due diligence

  • Arranging DD professionals and conducting DD (Legal/ Financial/ Tax)
  • Conducting Business DD and examining business synergy
  • Reflecting DD findings into valuation
  • Finding deal breaker and key of negotiation

Negotiation on terms and conditions, Execution Support

  • Negotiating major terms such as valuation, governance and so on
  • Entering into MOU and Definitive Agreement
  • Coordinating opinions with major shareholders and lenders
  • Executing optimal structure
  • Financing
  • Obtaining Government approvals and licenses, and fillings

Post Merger Integration Support

  • Governance/ Personnel system
  • Sell out of non-core business
  • Elimination and Consolidation for indirect department or branches
  • PMI Planning