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Research on local information unique to concerned enterprise, enquiry on possible candidates for joint enterprise or business partner, investigation on industrial structure, market needs and trend on market demands, all customised for your particular request upon new market entry or new business development.

  • Experienced staff designs and creates research measures appropriate for your target.
  • By using Sensing Asia’s direct networking, your report will be ready in short period of time with reasonable pricing.
  • Sensing Asia’s detailed report consists of diverse information gathered from local literature, open information sources including the internet, personal interview to professionals, players, regulatory agencies, and consumer questionnaires.

We will answer to your specific needs.

"Different Asian countries have various regulations, and sometimes, foreign authorities might give legal interpretations which could cause difficulties. I'd like to know the actual local commercial practice. Also, I'd like to know the real possible risk factors in each locale."

"Target country for new business development is set, but I am not sure of local market needs or possible business partners."

"I'm interested in forming partnership with trustworthy companies, select candidates, and perform company research. Selecting business area, opening new shops, and hiring employees are all difficult without a trustable local partner."

"The most wanted factor for overseas expansion is distribution channel, however, it is time and labour consuming to buy out the outlets through M&A. Is it possible to acquire distribution channels at business collaboration level for a start?"

Advanced Services Report Contents

Industry Structure survey

Reporting about crucial information such as industrial value chain including structures regarding suppliers, distribution outlets, buyers, and dealers, conditions of facilities and infrastructure needed for business operation, future outlook, business conditions of competitors, and business customs unique to your concerned business industry.

1. Qualitative understanding of summary through comment base. Numerical values are mentioned within comments. Discussion of cautionary points and knockout factors.
  • Collection and analysis of suppliers, distribution channels, buyers, and other information through hearings of related companies.
  • All of the above information plus public data collection in local language and desktop research
2. Grasping of each quantified segment of concerned industry or market as a whole, including purchase decision maker, and purchase decision parameter research.
  • Hearing and public data collection of desktop research in English and local languages, industry related companies, hearings from personnel of governing bodies, competition, and companies affiliated with replacement products.
    Hearings from intellects in industry groups and major companies, distributors, and channels.

Regulatory Survey

Report contains regulatory survey on production system maintenance of local factories and other establishments, import/export, industry information on local sales and service, regulations of individual regions, standards, permits, licences, and other conditions.

  • Desktop research in local languages, data collection, hearings from regulating authorities and groups

Customer Survey

Customer or consumer survey of specific industries and segments, including particular category products, service. We can conduct both B2B and B2C survey.

Company Report

Report consists of collection of specific company information. Useful for competitor analysis, pre M&A.

  • Local investigation on possible business partners and affiliates, various industrial information including corporate forms, developments, shareholders and business outline.

Entrants and Competition Study

Report offers you information on companies from your country already active in overseas markets.

  • Listing up of competitive companies in target countries, including their advancement forms and business developments.

Business Partner Search

Searching possible business partners, including local buyers, affiliates, candidates of JV, business tie-up and M&A. We also arrange business meeting upon your request.

  • Selecting of business partner candidates by picking up companies in target countries by studying their business strategies and competitive condition, and identifying partners with most possible high synergy effect in the future.