Micro Consulting Service

We assist our customers in exploring business opportunities in Asia/ASEAN based on our rich experiences in consulting for overseas business development and marketing strategy as well as cross-border M&A partner search.

Our outbound consulting services

Our outbound services cover over 30 industries and 14 countries & areas in Asia/ASEAN. We support the whole process of new business development from an early investigation to an action phase, including providing market and business reports, conducting company research, making a list of business partners and designing business collaboration.

Key Points of Our Service

Process of overseas business expansion

Basic Services

Rapidly providing most essential information for the initial stage in business extension abroad, including on local environment, business, and market information for individual industries. Information about countries and industries under consideration can be found here eliminating labor and time needed to contact multiple sources.

If you wishes to compare and examine products, industries and countries:

Basic Plus (Market Comparison)

Upon your request, we gather and analyze necessary information and create a customized report. It is useful for narrowing down your target market countries, to extract goods and services that have potential to be introduced in a new market, and to draw up market entry hypotheses. You will be able to have an accurate grasp of the market potential before digging into the details with a customized research or feasibility study, and also to look for relative market opportunities by comparing different markets.

If you wishes to have the overview of particular industries or countries:

* For some countries and industries, existing statistical information is still under development, and a customized research is necessary (Advanced Services).

Trend Sensing

Reporting on indications of a change and actual change in market trends of each target country derived from close analysis of local news articles written in local languages. Local information relevant to your industry is picked up not from articles targeting people overseas, but from those that local people read.

Advanced Services

In this advanced type service, we provide information needed at the detailed investigation stage for market entry, and conduct research on local information of relevant industries, candidates for joint enterprises or business partners, and industrial structure and market needs, all customized upon your particular request and needs.

If you wish to request the customized feasibility studies (F/S):

Industry Structure Survey

Reporting about crucial information such as industrial value chain including structures regarding suppliers, distribution outlets, buyers, and dealers, conditions of facilities and infrastructure needed for business operation, future outlook, business conditions of competitors, and business customs unique to your concerned business industry.

Regulatory Survey

Report contains regulatory survey on production system maintenance of local factories and other establishments, import/export, industry information on local sales and service, regulations of individual regions, standards, permits, licences, and other conditions.

Customer Survey

Customer or consumer survey of specific industries and segments, including particular category products, service. We can conduct both B2B and B2C survey.

Company Report

Report consists of collection of specific company information. Useful for competitor analysis, pre M&A.

Entrants and Competition Study

Report offers you information on companies from your country already active in overseas markets.

Business Partner Search

Searching possible business partners, including local buyers, affiliates, candidates of JV, business tie-up and M&A. We also arrange business meeting upon your request.

Advisory Services

We provide a face to face advisory service in case you need support for entire process on business expansion into the Asian market, or to take concrete actions through M&A.