Trend Sensing

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Reporting market trends, indications, and changes derived from close analysis of articles in local news in each target country. Relevant local information for your particular needs is picked up not from articles targeting foreiners but from local media articles and news aiming local businesses. Prompt comprehension of the latest trends and signs of changes can be found right here.

TNC Life Style Researcher

* Trend Sensing service is offered in partnership with TNC Life Style Researcher and Sensing Asia.

Details of Trend Sensing Report

Contains reports on latest changes in indications and market trends from local news and articles in native languages. Additionally, approximately ten topics are picked up from hottest local articles and news within last six months for every category listed below.

Price: 150,000 Japanese Yen per category, per country
Period: Three weeks after the date of deposit
Report File: PDF


  • Food and Beverages
  • Beauty and Health
  • Home electronics and IT
  • Distribution and Service
  • Home products (daily commodities, toiletries, children's goods, pet care products and luxury items)

* Listed prices do not include taxes. Prices are subject to change or revised without advance notice.

List of Target Countries:

People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

List of possible media sources:
People’s Republic of China
  • People’s Daily 人民网 (internet news site)
  • Xinhua Net News 新華網 (internet news site)
  • Xinmin News 365 新民晩報 (newspaper)
Hong Kong
  • Oriental Daily News 東方日報 (internet news site)
  • Hong Kong Commercial Daily 香港商報 (internet news site)
  • Wen Wei Po 文匯報 (newspaper)
  • The Indian Express (internet news site)
  • The Times of India (internet news site)
  • Business Standard (economic magazine)
  • The Jakarta Post (internet news site)
  • Kompas (internet news site)
  • Media Indonesia (newspaper)
  • New Straits Times (internet news site)
  • THE STAR ONLINE (internet news site)
  • Sinchew 星洲 (newspaper)
  • (internet news site)
  • Manila Bulletin (internet news site)
  • Business World (newspaper)
  • The Straits Times (internet news site)
  • TODAY (internet news site)
  • Lianhe Zaobao 聯合早報 (newspaper)
South Korea
  • Chosun Ilbo 朝鮮日報 (internet news site)
  • Donga Ilbo 東亜日報 (internet news site)
  • Han Kyung Newpaper 韓国経済新聞 (newspaper)
  • CTnews (Chinatimes) 中時電子報 (internet news site)
  • (internet news site)
  • Liberty Times 自由時報 (newspaper)
  • Thai Rath (internet news site)
  • Business Day (internet news site)
  • Thansettakij(economic magazine)
  • Viet Nam News(internet news site)
  • Nhan Dan(internet news site)
  • Vietnam Economy(経済誌)